040405 ppg
The Return of The Powerpuff Girls
is the 1st Episode of the first season of The Powerpuff Girls Crossover.


The Powerpuff Girls moved along with Professor Utonium to Megaville. The girls went to a new school. At first the girls didn't liked that they moved to a new city and had to met new people, but eventually they fit in. They first met Dexter who knew that they were real superheroes and wants to see their powers and goes in a battle with Buttercup. Buttercup first think he is easily to beat but it seems that Dexter has a metal aran in his backpack. He defeats Buttercup but Blossom and Bubbles fight further later rejoined with buttercup again. After a while the gym teacher Jack commands them to stop and takes them to the School's Dojo, while Bell and HIM watch them from the top of a building.