Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Intelligent hamster, wizard
Species: Hamster
Age: 14
Friends: Sandy (girlfriend), Stan, Courage, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter, Gumball, Darwin, Penny,
Enemies: Aku, Bell, Mojo Jojo, HIM
Relatives: TBA
Occupation: Ham Hams Kingdoms
First Appearance: TBA

Maxwell (のっぽくん, Noppo-kun) is an intelligent hamster who knows many facts. The Ham-Hams go to him for information. He was temporarily leader of the Ham-Hams when Boss went away for a while. Maxwell has a crush on Sandy and they become a couple later on. Maxwell is like a big brother figure for most Ham-Hams. He is a firm supporter of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan. A book-smart hamster of higher learning, the Ham-Hams go to Maxwell for knowledge of the world around them.

Main Characters in the second season of The Powerpuff Girls Crossover.