Dee Dee
Character Information
Gender: female
Also known as: TBA
Species: Human/ Angel
Age: Deceased
Friends: Koosalagoopagoop, Mee Mee, Lee Lee
Enemies: Mandark
Relatives: Mom, Dad, Dexter (brother)
Occupation: Spirit
First Appearance: TBA

"Good-bye Dexter... I love you."

-Dee Dee after her death.

Dee Dee is a major character of Powerpuff Girls Crossover. She is the deceased sister of Dexter. However, she said when the time comes she will return.


Dee Dee was the older sister of Dexter. She was always very annoying and kept breaking into his secret laboratory. She also had good moments with Dexter, sometimes she took him to a quit place to discuss things. Ironically, before her death, during a conversation Dee Dee had with Dexter, she requested that he let her go when she dies.

One day she was in Dexter's lab again but suddenly Mandark came in with his robots and started attacking Dexter's lab. One jackbot aimed for Dexter and Dee Dee jumped in front of it and hit her instead of Dexter. Because if this, she was fatally wounded and died shortly afterward. After that, Dee Dee became a spirit. Dexter was planning to bring Dee Dee back by making an android of her body but also by using real organs of her so she would be excactly like Dee Dee.



Dexter is the younger brother of Dee Dee. She always annoyed him and had a real brother-sister relationship. After Dee Dee died Dexter began to make an android out of her.